the hyperreal paintings of denis peterson

Two art history textbooks designate Dust to Dust a historical landmark
Excerpted from art history books: Art the Whole Story, American Culture in the 20th Century and From Cave Painting to Street Art - 40,000 Years of Creativity.

Denis Peterson is a New York artist whose paintings have been at Butler Institute of American Art, Whitney, Smithsonian, Tate Modern, Brooklyn Museum, Corcoran MPA, and Springville Museum.

Peterson taught drawing at Pratt Institute while earning his MFA. One of the first Photorealists to emerge in New York, he exhibited his earlier work while restoring Renaissance paintings for museums.

Peterson is known as the architect of Hyperrealism, a counter-culture splinter art movement founded on the aesthetic principles of Photorealism devoid of its traditional conventions. Photorealism centered on urban life banalities. Peterson's Hyperrealism focuses on mass consumerism, systemic classism and cultural decadence.

His socially conscious works are the products of an extraordinary labor of compassion. His provocative works are known for their signature nuances: altered depths of field, subtle color transitions, illusional perspectives, and spatially complex compositions.

A radical painter, his compelling virtuosity addresses the human condition with precision and dignity.

Peterson's provocative works have been exhibited throughout the US and Europe: San Francisco, Chicago, Santa Fe, NYC, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Miami, Southampton, D.C., Alexandria, London, Zurich, Milan, Como, Paris, Brussels, and Corsica. Upcoming shows, solo exhibitions and speaking engagements are scheduled through 2017.

USA NY - Los Angeles
Europe UK - Paris - Zurich
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