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Diogenes II
24"x24" Acrylics on panel
© 2004-2009
Denis Peterson began as a photorealist, as seen in older photorealism paintings. Denis Peterson exhibited New Realism paintings at the Brooklyn Museum. Denis Peterson founded hyperrealism and has been acclaimed for his hyperealist paintings. His artwork is listed under Hyperrealism,hyperrealist painters & hyperrealist. Denis Peterson was a photorealist, known by many photorealist painters. Hyper-realism not same as photorealism Denis' hyper-real works Photorealism painting, New Realism, photorealist painter photorealist According to Louis Meisel Gallery Photorealism not same as Hyperreal or Hyperrealist work Hyper-realism subset of Photorealist painting. Wikipedia lists Denis Peterson founder of hyperrealism (Hyperrealism) is listed under hyperrealist painters,hyperrealist and photorealist. Also see hyperrealist Denis Peterson under photorealism,photorealist painters,photorealists and hyperrealism. Chuck Close is more of a photorealist whose work is in Meisel Gallery and OK Harris